Pastor Fred Rudy

Hi! I am Reverend Fred Rudy. Most people call me Pastor Fred!

I have been truly blessed to be called to serve the United Methodist Churches of the Millerstown area. My wife of over 40 years, Linda, and I moved here  several years ago and have endured Covid with the people of this community. We see God’s blessings all around us in the people of this community. I firmly believe that God is large and in charge. He does not do the bad things to us. He takes the bad and makes something good come from it if we trust him. God is the best at making lemonade when he is given lemons by us. The challenges of moving, of enduring Covid, and of all life can strengthen us if we turn to God to show us his way. After all, Jesus promised to be with us always. What more do we need?

In life, the most important thing is our relationship with God. Love God. Love Neighbor. Accept Jesus as Lord. Everything else will fall into place.

More About Pastor Fred

I have 3 grown and married children and two grandsons. The grandsons and their parents live in Halifax on a small farm that I own there. They regularly spend time in Millerstown at “Grandma Day Care”. You may see us at the park on the playground or at the pool.

I grew up the son of an airline mechanic and part-time produce farmer in the Pittsburgh area. My family roots are in Centre County where my grandparents were dairy and hog farmers. I grew up with hard-working people and learned to work hard. The hard work I do on my farm in Halifax is one of the ways I relax. Driving tractors is therapeutic. So is hunting and fishing and playing with the grandsons.

I am a Penn State Grad with a BS in Horticulture and an MEd in Adult Education. I also have a Master of Divinity from the Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C. graduating with honors and the Wesley Award. I am a fully ordained elder in the United Methodist Church.