Welcome to the
Millerstown United
Methodist Church

The Millerstown UMC Congregation strives to support families throughout our local community. Church members can often be found running Bible School and Afternoon Adventure for children, hosting meals, and performing live nativities at Christmas. In addition, each September we make homemade apple dumplings and hold a bazaar to raise money to support those in need.

We invite you to join us on our journey towards a deeper relationship with God. We love to incorporate a wide variety of music into our services and have programming for children.

Sunday worship services start at 9:45 am.

History of the Millerstown Church

The original congregation was probably assembled by Circuit Riders who brought Methodists to Perry County and Millerstown as early as 1785. The Methodist Episcopal Church was holding services in 1832 at an old log building in the old cemetery in Millerstown Borough. The original Stone building on High Street was built in 1840. Originally, there were no front windows, but two doors—one for the men to enter, and the women used the other one. The men and women also sat on different sides.

The church has been renovated several times to accommodate a growing congregation. Initially, there was no basement, but in 1876, it was excavated and the church was expanded to provide a room for a pulpit and other places to hold youth and prayer meetings. In 1904, the roof was raised and the bell steeple was added. This was also when the church created a single entrance at the front of the building. Furthermore, stained glass windows were donated by many generous members. When the latest addition was happening, many of the beautiful windows were moved to the new Sanctuary.

Later in the years, the church's name was changed from Methodist Episcopal Church to Millerstown United Methodist Church. In 1990, the ground was broken for the most recent addition of a new sanctuary. This renovation also included building a new parsonage for the Millerstown Charge so that the former parsonage could be hazed to accommodate the church expansion. As the church grew, other buildings were also hazed to provide parking lot areas.

Stained Glass

Millertown United Methodist Church is blessed to have a beautiful collection of stained glass artwork.  In the large front window of the original stone Millerstown Methodist Church is an outstanding centerpiece display. It was installed in 1904 and tells the story of “The Good Shepard”.


The beautiful round stained glass in the front of the new sanctuary highlights the front of the church above “The Old Rugged Cross” designed from logs from an old barn. The round window was given a second life after being found in an attic during the construction of the new sanctuary.  

Historical Cabinet

The curio cabinet designed and built by Tom Leonard, was made for displaying Millerstown United Methodist Church's historical information, antiques, and mementos. It was donated by Curt and Sherry Black in memory of their son, Todd, who was baptized in the original stone church.

Join Our Service!

Sunday Worship Service 9:45 am
Sunday School 8:30 am